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Affordable Listings in North Main & Croftstone Neighborhoods

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Are you looking for an affordable single-family home or rental investment close to downtown Greenville, SC? Let me introduce you to a couple of great neighborhoods located within three miles of downtown: the North Main and Croftstone neighborhoods.

“North Main” (as it is known locally), one of the most desirable residential neighborhoods in Greenville, is nestled on and around N. Main Street, running east to west from Rutherford Street/Poinsett Highway to Mohawk Drive and north to south from Stone Avenue to Rutherford Road.

Houses in North Main are located within 1-to-2 miles of downtown and are walkable to the rapidly growing Stone Avenue corridor. Many homes are located within attendance boundaries of the award-winning Stone Academy of Communication Arts as well.

The Croftstone neighborhood, a bit further north and just on the other side of Rutherford Road, is within 3 miles of the downtown area. Homes in this lovely neighborhood are generally less expensive than in North Main while still offering proximity to the Stone Avenue corridor and downtown Greenville, as well as the Cherrydale shopping area.

On the map below, I have selected 3 value-priced listings in both the North Main and the Croftstone areas to give you an idea of the types of homes and properties found here. While larger and more expensive homes can also be found in these neighborhoods, these listings were chosen specifically for their affordability.

1) If you’re looking for a fully updated, “turn-key” home offered for less than $300,000 in North Main, this option on Ashley Avenue is a good one.

2) Also in North Main, this home on Mohawk Drive, priced in the low $200,000 range, is recently updated and would make an excellent rental property.

3) In the Croftstone neighborhood, this house on Broughton Drive offers a nice 1/3-acre lot at a very affordable price.

Like what you see? Enter your search criteria into the form at the bottom of the page to receive FREE, no obligation listing information via email. And don’t hesitate to reach out to me for more information on these homes or others in these areas. As a real estate professional and resident of North Main myself, I have valuable insights and expertise to offer investors and homebuyers like you!

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