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Invest in that Greenville

Why Greenville, SC?

The short answer: Greenville, Sc, Is An Excellent Place To Invest Because It Is A Wonderful

  • "Downtown is a major recruitment for businesses. This city has BMW, Michelin, General Electric is huge here. The health-care system is trying to recruit doctors......having an urban core that really surprises people is a major economic development tool." Mayor Knox White
  • "Everyone in this community is very supportive of the changes that have taken place in Greenville. I think they are proud of it. Downtown is the first place you take your friends and visitors. There's a sense of ownership about it." Mayor Knox White
  • "The city has a strong automotive industry presence, which is a trait we and others want to learn more about. What they have done in their automotive industry, we think that translates well to our aviation industry in Wichita. We certainly hope to gain some understanding there, and we’re also interested in their education system in Greenville, which is excellent.” Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce chairman Jon Rosell
  • "I could go on but the point is that Greenville is welcome and nourishing—like your mother’s kitchen, only with a better chef than your mother (and no yelling at you about your homework or your grades). To be on or near the main street at night is like being on fraternity row in a college town, only there are men and women of all ages, and they are mostly eating, not drinking." Ben Stein
  • “Yeah THAT Greenville has exceeded my expectations. The quality of life is very high and the real estate market is outstanding. Come for a visit, I promise you will like what you see." Arn Cenedella

Meet Arn

After a successful 36-year career as a real estate broker in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Peninsula—one of the most competitive, sophisticated, and expensive real estate markets in the world—I was ready to make a lifestyle change. After researching and visiting several other highly recommended relocation and retirement markets in the United States, including Arizona; the Central Coast of California; and the Charlotte and Research Triangle areas of NC, the local amenities, booming economy, and vibrant real estate market offered by Greenville sealed our decision to move.

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