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Greenville Accolades

This page contains links to a variety of articles and publications that talk about Greenville.

Please go through the links that interest you to quickly get a good sense of what Greenville is all about and why you should consider either investing or relocating to Greenville, South Carolina.

My blog posts will contain more current and in-depth information about Greenville.

Please contact me at to more specifically answer any questions you may have about Greenville or to schedule a trip to Greenville for your first look.

Best Al Fresco Dining Neighborhoods – 2015

USA Today and 10 Best ranks Greenville #3 and says: A booming economy in the past decade has put Greenville on many “hot lists” and spurred downtown revitalization that brought many new restaurants and shops to still quaint Main Street. Read more.

Caesars Head State Park: South Carolina’s #1 Hidden Gem to Visit – August 2015

USA Today Travel says: Explore Caesar’s Head State Park for scenic views of South Carolina’s mountainous Upstate. Read more.

7 Surprising Walkable Cities – 2015

Rejuvenate Meetings Inspiration says: After holding a retreat in Greenville, South Carolina in 2014, the Campus Outreach staff was hooked. Read more.

America’s Best Urban Bike Paths – May 2015

Fodor’s Travel says: Tracing the tree-lined banks of the Reedy River, the #1 ranked urban bike path,  the 18 mile Swamp Rabbit Trail runs right thru downtown. On weekends, the locals pedal west to the Swamp Rabbit Café and Grocery. Read more.

Artisphere: #3 Best Art Festival – 2015

USA Today and 10 Best says: Since its establishment in 2005, this three-day event hosts international-caliber artists in an outdoor showcase where patrons can meet artists face to face while shopping for one-of-a-kind pieces. Read more.

Falls Park on the Reedy: Top 10 Parks that have Helped to Revive their Cities – April 2015

USA Today and 10 Best says: Thanks to this park with gardens and a sweeping signature pedestrian bridge, it has become the heart of one of the liveliest small cities in the South. Read more.

Falling for Greenville: A Blue Ridge Mountain surprise – December 2014

Lonely Planet says the best part of Main Street is its offbeat joie de vivre. Read more.

Falls Park on the Reedy: 9th Best Park in the U.S. – June 2014

Trip Advisor ranks Falls Park as the 9th Best Park in the United States included on this list is Central Park, New York, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, and Balboa Park, San Diego. A city of 60,000 has parks that rival much larger “world class” cities in the US. Read more.

Flour Field at the West End: Professional Baseball Field of the Year – December 2012

Sports Turf Managers Association selected Flour Field as the winner of this year’s prestigious award from over 225 professional baseball fields. Read more.

The South’s Tastiest Towns – Greenville, South Carolina – 2014

Southern Living Magazine lists Greenville, SC as one of the South’s tastiest towns and says: Internationally inspired food with a locally owned Main Street sensibility. One of our favorites is the Lazy Goat. Read more.

The Best Little Food Festival in the South – September 2012

Southern Living Magazine’s The Daily South says: Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Greenville’s revitalized downtown, confluence of international businesses (including Michelin and BMW) and world-class entertainment venues have made it an emerging eating and drinking destination. Read more.

#2 City in America for Happy Marriages – 2012

Real Age says: There seems to be something about the South that keeps romance alive. Greenville is one of our four Southern towns in our top 10 for happiest marriages. Read more.