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Benefits to Investing in Single Family Rental Homes

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Investing in single family rental homes is one of the safest and most affordable types of real estate investment. If you buy a rental house with a small, positive cash flow, calculated and estimated realistically with the guidance of an experienced real estate professional, you can be confident that the value of that house and its rental rate will go UP over the next 10, 15 or 20 years.

Think about it: In most areas around you, are houses LESS expensive now than they were 15 years ago? Probably not. Now’s the time to conduct a realistic analysis of cash flow aided by a real estate professional, invest in a single family house as a rental and hold it for 10 years. Odds are good you will be happy that you did!

This article from Inman Real Estate offers more insight into the benefits of this type of investment as a private wealth management alternative.

In my own experience as a broker and investor, I’ve had the most success buying basic homes in good, solid, middle-income neighborhoods where the rental rates are affordable for people with average incomes. I currently hold invest properties in two growing real estate markets: Austin, TX, and Greenville, SC. In Austin, I can connect you with a wonderful real estate team; in Greenville, I can help you find the rental property that’s right for you.

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