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Business and employment thrive in Greenville South Carolina

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September 26, 2015
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Business thrives in Greenville SC

Business and employment is thriving in Greenville, South Carolina. When business is strong, employment increases, incomes increase and rental rates and property values go up. Entrepreneur recently published a list of 10 small cities in the US where business thrives. Greenville, South Carolina is ranked #9 on the list.

Everywhere one walks or drives in Greenville, SC; one sees significant construction and business activity.

When I walked through the “best downtown in America” this morning, I walked by five major construction sites. One is the Greevnille Aloft Hotel. Another is a new Embassy Suites Hotel. Two large scale apartments are also currently under construction along with three new condominium developments.

The new development projects in downtown Greenville also include office buildings. Erwin Penland, a major marketing and ad agency out of New York has just started construction of a new 125,000 sf office building increasing their presence in downtown Greenville.

BMW is planning an additional $1B (that’s ONE BILLION DOLLARS) investment in their Spartunburg-Greenville facility – that manufacturers all their X vehicles. This investment will make the Spartanburg-Greenville facility their largest in the world.

Investing where business is growing and where population is increasing is generally a good idea.

Most of the new residential construction is of new apartment or condominium buildings.

The best place to invest in Greenville, is IMHO, single family homes located within a mile or so of the downtown core.

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